What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know

Many women feel an innate connection between their breasts and their sense of femininity and confidence. Are you one of them? Perhaps you’ve always had small breasts, or you noticed your breasts lost volume after nursing your babies. You might feel less feminine or less self-confident because of the appearance of your flat chest. Breast augmentation can help. Implants will give you the sexy cleavage that you desire and deserve. With larger, fuller breasts, you will have the confidence to wear that great-looking top you saw at the department store, or wear that sexy bathing suit. Breast augmentation, also known as breast aug, breast enlargement or breast enhancement at our Indianapolis practice is a surgical procedure used to increase the size of a woman’s breasts using either cohesive gel, saline or silicone gel breast implants. Women may choose to have breast augmentation either to enhance their figure, as a reconstructive technique following breast surgery, to balance different sized breasts, or to balance the contours of the body. Whatever the specific purpose, women who undergo breast augmentation can expect larger, firmer, and more visually satisfying breasts. Find out how to Choose the Right Size of your Breast Implant.{breast implants|breast implants cost|breast implant removal|breast implant sizes|breast implant surgery|breast implant illness|breast implants near me|breast implant scars|breast implant recovery|breast implant removal cost}

For the record: Neither silicone nor saline implants cause breast cancer, studies have shown. Women with both kinds appear to have a very small increased risk of developing a different, extremely rare kind of cancer—anaplastic large cell lymphoma—in scar tissue around the implant, according to the FDA. The FDA also says that studies to date do not show a link between silicone gel implants and connective tissue diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Jugenburg will discuss with you all the possibilities that are appropriate for your body, and determine what is the best implant approach for your breasts and personal goals. You will also have the opportunity to examine and try-on various implant sizers (or samples), browse through photos of breast enlargement results in previous patients, view our state-of-the-art facilities, and meet with our team of friendly and experienced staff.

A licensed and registered nurse will provide immediate post-surgical care. When you are fully awake from the surgery, it is possible for you to go home under the care of a family member or friend. While it is possible to return to light (i.e. no heavy lifting) work as early as four or five days after the procedure, Dr. DeLuca and Dr. Tauber typically recommend taking seven days for recovery, if possible. Immediately post surgery, your breasts will typically appear full and firm, while side effects such as swelling and bruising may appear for up to two weeks. You will be provided with a special supportive bra, which should be worn for the first three to five days and replaced with a sports bra after that.

Your breasts will be sore and swollen for several weeks following your surgery, but this will ease over time. Our plastic surgeon will provide specific instructions for taking care of your incisions and breasts as they heal. We will schedule several follow-up appointments to check the progress of your healing, and clear you to return to exercise and your normal routine within a few weeks of your surgery.

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