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Buy Now Pay Later

Yes, they do look cool, especially those that can morph from flat to curved at the touch of a button. But what are you really getting if you decide to purchase a curved screen TV? Let us take a step back and discuss the implications of curved TVs in more detail. Our OLED 4K TV, flat TV and wallpaper design from LG will change the way you watch television forever. From stunning picture quality to detail and clarity like you have never seen before, LG’s OLED TVs—flat and curved—are sure to wow. Experience your favorite television shows, movies, games, videos and music in a whole new way. Learn more about our state-of-the-art OLED televisions, as well as our entire collection of TVs, home audio and home video devices, accessories and more. Read also: Buying a Cheap Curved TV.

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The television sets with curved screens have been recently introduced in the market, since the year 2014. The curved TV sets have screens that are curved at the edges to give you a better viewing experience. The development of curved TVs has been inspired by theatre screens. The curved TV screens are designed to offer least possible glare in any lighting condition. They have been made and marketed by brands such as LG and Samsung.{curved tv|curved tv vs flat|curved tv walmart|curved tv reviews|curved tv or not|curved tv best buy|curved tv stand|curved tv worth it|curved tv mount|curved tv on wall}

The first and most basic question to consider when it comes to buying either a curved 4K TV or a flat model is one of aesthetics, ie: which do you think looks nicer. While how something physically looks isn’t always exactly the best measure of whether you should buy it (functionality is always more important we think), when it comes to products in which the difference in quality between one look and another is debatable to some extent, looks have a fair place in your assessment.

What size TV will best fit the room? From a simple 32 inch LED TV to a big screen suitable for a home theatre, you’ll need to consider how much space you have to work with. As a basic rule for most TV’s, you should be able to sit back about three times the height of the TV. When it comes to a 4K Ultra HD TV, a recommended distance is approximately 1.5x the height of the TV screen.

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